Current Obsession: May Books

Life organization is my specialty.  So when I came upon May Books… Eek!

I’m OBSESSED!  I found them a while ago, but didn’t really think too much of it until I saw my co-worker with one.  I decided it was time to invest.  The problem is that I can’t pick the one I love best – they are just all too cute!

I have created a couple of designs, but I need to find the perfect planner for my cousin for her high school graduation gift.  From one planner to another, I felt that a May Book would be the perfect graduation gift.  Time for her to start keeping track of job interviews, organization meetings, and homework deadlines!  My sister, a high school senior, has been picking her perfect combination, too!

Seriously, check out May Books… best (and cutest) planners around!



Fresh Air

“Sometimes you just need to set outside, get some air, and remind yourself who you are and where you want to be.” – Gossip Girl

Oh, the joys of summer classes… Not.  My friends are home from their respective colleges, hanging out at the pool while I’m stuck in classes, due to my work/school rotation.  I thought I had been mentally prepared for this summer-long battle, but clearly I was wrong.  I’ve been struggling getting back into summer classes, and honestly they are much harder than I had anticipated.  Next week is midterms, and I desperately needed a break from studying.

I stumbled upon Meg Jay’s TED talk, and I felt compelled to watch.  It seemed like the perfect study break – a talk about living your 20s to the fullest.  It was my Gossip Girl moment – taking a short break to remind myself where I am going and how I’m going to get there.

What are some other TED talks that have inspired you to keep pushing through to the finish?